Audio recordings to support your practice

Short, under 10 minute Relaxations and Meditations 

You can use these recordings to help guide you into meditation, settle into sleep, relax after a busy day or switch off a busy head.

Yoga Nidra Relaxation and total body Meditation

In this series of practices you can learn the deeply healing and relaxing art of Yoga Nidra.

The practice of Yoga Nidra teaches you to firstly connect more deeply with your body and in so doing, connect with your mind. Yoga Nidra is also an amazingly powerful and gentle tool for dealing with and healing trauma. One of the ways this happens is by exploring the concept of opposite feelings. We can become very attached, addicted even to pleasurable and positive feelings, pushing away and avoiding discomfort and feelings that have a connection to pain and trauma.

By pushing difficult feelings away and focusing only on the attainment of easy, comfortable and pleasurable feelings, life becomes challenging and we can develop anxiety. Anxiety is the fear of fearful feelings. So in the part of Yoga Nidra called 'Pairs of opposites', you have the opportunity to in a very relaxed environment (your bed maybe) to explore the more challenging and uncomfortable feelings that life has to offer. Getting more used to this practice will mean that you naturally have more stamina and ability around feelings you would normally avoid, medicate or disconnect from.

I recommend coming back to these practices again and again. The more familiar you become the more powerful they will be in their healing. I use a yoga nidra recording to help me get back to sleep sometimes. Its also useful if you are undergoing stress and feel overwhelmed and exhausted, as it will deeply restore you like hours of sleep would.

You might well go to sleep while practicing, this is fine and with time you will find yourself dropping into a state between awake and asleep. Where your body is asleep and your mind is quietly aware of whats happening. This is the yogic sleep of Yoga nidra.

Part one is the body scan, familiarise yourself with this part, then each following part will include the body scan plus other elements and so the practice will deepen...

Some of the recordings take a little time to load at the beginning, so give them a moment to start.

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