I think the one word I would use to describe Jessica is ‘authentic’. I’ve been practising yoga with her for over 18 months and I feel that she genuinely believes in yoga as a method to enrich one’s life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having said that, she never portrays herself as an infallible ‘guru’ figure and is refreshingly honest about her own vulnerabilities. This combination of skillfulness, both as a teacher and a practitioner, and her openess about her own flaws, makes her both inspirational and relateable at the same time.
— Louise O'Neill

Qualifications and Trainings:

2004 I completed my 2 year 500 hour training as a yoga teacher with Contemporary Yoga in Cork.

2006 Active Birth Centre London (Pregnancy Yoga) 

2008 Foundation in Yoga Therapy with the Biomedical Trust London

2009 Women's Health Yoga Therapy  with YTTC

2012 Breathing module at ATTC Dublin, with Lisa Peterson

2014 Foundation in Somatics with Brian Ingle of Living Somatics, in Dublin

2015 The Psoas muscles in Yoga, 3 day training with ATTC in Dublin.

2016 Trauma sensitive yoga teacher training, Cork

2016 Muscles and Connective tissues weekend with Amy Mathews in Dublin

2017 CPD two day Developmental Trauma training on the effects of trauma on the Mind, with Dan Siegel


You’re probably the best Yoga teacher I have ever had, your explanations are always really on the ball. You seem to get inside my head and say just the right thing at the right time. You’re very in-tune with the class.
— Evie Finlay
Jessica is an amazing yoga teacher. The way she interprets yoga and teaches it is a gift. She makes it understandable, reachable and rewarding, working with you to grow your physical, mental and emotional strength.
— Wendy Robertson

My aim is not to teach you Yoga. My aim is to share my love and practice of yoga with you.

In the same way that ... we cannot teach each other about life, but we can share our experience of life with each other.

Yoga is a vast and wonderfully complex practice, that people have been turning to for thousands of years as a way to improve or maintain their health and well-being. And although everyone is different, we all share the same deep desire to be well, to be happy and to feel connected to others.

From my 18 years of personal practice and 14 years of teaching experience, I aim to offer you my journey, my experiences and my relationship with a practice that I intend to spend the rest of my life exploring.

This is a Tedx talk I gave in October 2104 on Habits and Yoga:

Below is the first of a series of Blogs I've made with Laya, the focus of these is on learning to find ways to manage Stress and Anxiety. The videos introduce you to the information on the written Blog below

Below is a video I recorded for Ekhart Yoga many years ago, I'm not mad about it! But it has been very popular with an older age group and goes to show you don't have to be fit and flexible to practice yoga.

There is not a governing body for Yoga as there is for most other health professions. Supervision is not a requirement in the field of yoga. But I believe it should be. I choose to have supervision from a clinical psychotherapist as I feel this support for my work enables me to provide support to you, the students in my classes. Having continued supervision keeps my teaching fresh and real, it allows me to teach from my own authentic experience, rather than just from the teachings of others.

Which is why I would credit my therapist as my greatest teacher so far.

Other teachers who continue to inspire and guide my work are: 

Charlie Stevens and Marianne Gabrielle Esther Ekhart, Lisa Peterssn, Brian Ingle and Uma DinsmoreTuli

Teachers who I love and practice with online and through books are: Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers, Elena Brower, Jason Crandall, Sally Kempton and Rod Stryker

I’ve been going to your class every week for the last 4 years and I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed every single class. I have never once got bored, the opposite. I feel I get more and more out of it as time goes by. It brings me into my body and grounds me in good times and bad. So, Thank You!
— Lisa Brinkman
Jessica is an excellent yoga teacher and her passion for yoga comes through in her teaching. I have been practising yoga with Jessica for over 5 years and every time I go, I learn something new. Every class has a different theme and focus with creative and dynamic flows that are engaging and empowering. Jessica’s yoga classes are for body, mind and spirit, which makes me come back again and again!
— Dee Murnan
The positive effect of my yoga practice with Jessica extends to my whole family and those around me. After her class, I feel calmer and more balanced, open and better able to deal with the challenges that present themselves. Each class is different, restorative, rejuvenating and challenging. I feel truly blessed to be able to practice yoga with a world class teacher like Jessica.
Thanks you for all you bring to my life, your brilliance is greatly valued and appreciated.
— Bernadette Ruane