Jessica Hatchett Creative flow and Slow flow yoga teacher in Clonakilty and Skibbereen. Offering classes, yoga therapy, workshops and retreats.

'Creative Flow' Is an energising mix of flowing Vinyasa yoga (moving on the breath) strengthening standing and balancing postures, vital core work, deep yin stretches and therapeutic relaxations. Ideal for people with a bit of experience, a fun work out and a good stretch.  

'Slow Flow' Is a slower less challenging mix of the creative flow classes. This class is aimed at those wanting to learn or relearn all the yoga fundamentals. A great class to improve your strength and flexibility. As there are lots of yin (floor based long hold) stretches, mixed with vital core strengthening and wonderful deep restorative relaxation poses.  

Jessica's Yoga therapy clinic is on Mon, Tues and Thursdays in Clonakilty. 

Links to my Irish Examiner yoga articles are in the tab:  'About Jessica'

Up coming events are:

Weekend workshops on Sat 17th and Sun 18th May and Summer retreat on 18th July (see specific pages for full details)

Schedule for Spring 2014:

Monday 10-11:30am -Creative Flow- Drop in, Clon 

Monday  6:30 - 8pm -Creative Flow-  Book in, Clon  

Monday 8:15 - 9:45pm -Slow Flow-  Book in, Clon

Tuesday 9:15 - 10:45am -Slow Flow-  Drop in, Clon.

Tuesday 11am - 12:30 -Over 60's class-  Drop in, Clon 

Tuesday Skibbereen 7.30 - 9pm -Creative Flow-        Drop in, Riverside studio.

Thursday  9.15 - 10:45am -Creative Flow- Drop in, Clon. 

Thursday 6.30 - 8:00pm -Slow Flow-  Book in, Clon 

Thursday 8:15 - 9:45pm -Creative Flow-  Book in, Clon


Classes run year round, evening classes are busy so call to book your place.

€70 for a run of 6 weeks. 

Morning classes are 'drop in' which is €14.

Thursday morning I just ask for a donation as payment. 


"Having wanted to try yoga for years I kept putting it off because I found it slightly intimidating. Your classes, however, are so inclusive that I feel anyone of any level would be able to try it. Your ability to explain the poses and movements so that they're easily understandable is astounding. I absolutely love the classes. I genuinely believe that since I've started taking yoga that my awareness and mindfulness have increased hugely. Without exaggerating, your classes are changing my life!" Louise,April 2012 .

"Having not practiced in your class before I was anxious that your style of yoga may not suit me. I need not have worried. Your approach incorporates many styles, from very physical to relaxing as well as the psychological implications of yoga. It is so beneficial to have exposure to all these dimensions of yoga. Jess you are a knowledgeable, intuitive and inspiring instructor. You are helping my understanding of making yoga a part of my life". Aisling Sept 2013 

 Please feel free to call me anytime if you have questions or need directions to the classes. Jessica 0877852491 

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 " I've been going to your yoga class every week for the last 3 1/2 years and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy every single class. I have never once got bored, the opposite. I feel I get more and more out of it as time goes by. It brings me into my body and grounds me in good times as well as in difficult times. So thank you!!!!!" Lisa November 2011.

 "You're probably the best yoga teacher I've ever had, your explanations are always really on the ball and you seem to get inside my head and say just the right thing at the right time! You're very in tune with the class. So it's always a pleasure - thanks a million!" Evie sept 2011

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