How the course works…

Learning to meditate takes much longer than one day, and requires lots of support...

So I have designed this course as a one day training where you learn each of the six meditations with me, then these meditations will be available as a video that will guide you in your home practice over the following six weeks.

The support of this course work and the discussions with the rest off the group you will help you stay committed and practicing and enable you to develop an ongoing daily meditation practice.

This course requires you to practice for 30 minutes a day, and this can be at any time in the day.

Each week the course page on my website will be updated with that weeks meditation practice video, plus explanation videos, and some talks and movement classes that relate to that weeks practice. There will also be a few questions to get you thinking.

The discussion board is for participants to stay connected with each other and me over the six weeks, to share experiences, problems and thoughts as your practice develops.

These are a few of the videos from the first weeks practice…

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A Somatic Meditation Course

Your soma is your body as you feel it from the inside, your alive, breathing, beating, buzzing body. Somatic practices connect you with the feelings, the wisdom, the open spaciousness and wholeness of your body. Somatic meditations focus on and in the body, keeping you grounded and deeply connected to yourself…As you learn to journey deeper and further into the space of meditation that is held inside each and everyone of us.

Having a regular meditation practice will support your life in many deep and transformative ways. Research continues to show that meditation is essential for our mental and physical health. Its a practice that will improve your life in quality and longevity.

Meditation is and can be very enjoyable and even addictive. Once you have an established practice you will never look back.

But…Learning to meditate is difficult, challenging, it brings up lots of resistance and can be very confronting. So it requires really good instruction, support and lots of practice.

The meditations I am offering are inspired and supported by the practices I have learnt from Reggie Ray of Dharma Ocean, a tibetan buddhist Lineage. I am also inspired by and we will be working with parts of Yoga Nidra, developmental movement, Feldenkrais, traditional yoga, pranayama practices and my own sense and personal feel for the ‘meditation state’.

There are 6 somatic meditations that all build on the experience gained from the previous practice. Each meditation begins lying down and with some movement, to help you learn to settle into a relaxed stillness. Then the end of the meditation is taught sitting up, with the final meditation being a sitting 30 minute practice.

Where, When and how Much?

I have a course running at the moment which will be finishing Mid January 2019.

I plan to run the next course in the new year, sometime around the beginning of February. The study day will be held in my studio in Clonakilty

If you have a group and would like to run this course for your members, get in touch and we can arrange for me to come to you.

I am working on this course also being a remote training. So participants do not need to attend the study day and can just engage with the practices and connect with the group from home. Please get in touch if this option would suit you.

The first course was run at an introductory price of €100. once the course has finished I will have a better idea of its value so the price for following courses will be available in January 2019.

The first weeks practice is a ‘Tense and Release’ body scan, here is how I explain some of what the practice is about and what you might encounter…