Yoga Therapy Individual Classes

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga to the specific needs of an individual.

Seeing me one-to-one is worth considering for a number of different reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • If you are considering starting a class and are concerned that a health issue you have might affect your ability, then meeting me first will give your confidence the boost it probably needs. I can take you through a lot of the basic positions and breathing practices so you feel comfortable and ready to practise in a class setting.
  • If you have a health issue, that is nervous system/stress related, learning simple breathing practices and having your own personalised practice of a few minutes of exercises that you can practise at home, can transform your health mentally and physically.
  • Pregnancy yoga and birth coaching is something I have specialised in for years. If you want to learn how to have a comfortable pregnancy and fear-free birth, one-to-one coaching is highly recommended. Having a positive birth is not dependant on whether it is 'natural' or not. All birth is natural, but not all birth experiences are positive. Having some simple breathing practices to support you and your partner will, I believe, enable you to have a positive birth – no matter the possible intervention.
  • If you want to learn techniques and ways of looking after your physical, mental and emotional needs yourself. Learning how to be your own doctor or therapist is simpler that you might think. Taking responsibility for your health and well-being so you are less reliant on others is something I love helping people with, and feel very passionate about.

Some people just meet me once to get the nudge in the right direction that they need. Others I have been seeing on a weekly basis for years. So please feel free to call and discuss any of this with me any time, at 087 7852491

I charge €60 per hour. Appointments are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, in Flow Yoga Centre.

(Appointments cancelled under less than 24 hours are charged at the hourly fee)


“Due to very limited movement and flexibility I came, quite nervously to see Jessica for yoga for the first time about 2 years ago. I took courage from the fact that she couldn’t think any less of me then I did of myself. But on that first session she met with me exactly where I was with all my limitations and has travelled with me ever since. I was able to breathe some movement into my fused lower back. There is no need for anyone to be afraid of coming to Jessica to do Yoga.

I have been letting go of some limitations on every session since then so that I never once left without a huge feeling of gratitude for her insight and patience. I would have given up on myself long ago, but Jess sees far more potential than I do. Thank God.

Nowadays I have definitely more flexibility although my spine is still stiff and quite inflexible, but I am living out of a different place. For instance Jacinta and I went to the opera house to a show. At the end of the show Jacinta commented how uncomfortable the seating was with the row in front of us so close that you had to try hold your knees awkwardly in order to fit. Jacinta has always gone alone to meetings because I could not stay more then a minute or two if I couldn’t stretch out my legs. It is part of my condition. I have had AS for over 40 years. I sat through the opera show without even noticing the seating. There are many more ways my life has improved since meeting Jessica.

For me the biggest burden of all was not to be able to do the simple things to help those I love and care about. Now I live out of a different place. I can work from the place of gratitude and offer to others far more that I expected.

Jessica, may all you work with receive some of what I have received and be enabled to pass some of this on. Thank you.”
— Dan Fitzgibbon 2017