In-depth Yoga Teacher Training Vocational course



"As yoga teachers our job is to help people focus on what is going right in their bodies" Lesley Keminoff.


A fully accredited 220 hour Vocational Yoga Teacher Training.

Accreditation is with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Applications are now open for the training beginning in September 2020.

Full syllabus and application form below.

If you love yoga, want to go deep into an in depth study, advance your own practice  and learn how to teach yoga to others for a career in the wonderful world of yoga then this course this for you. 

This course is not just a breakdown of all the asanas and how to teach them, its much much more. From my own journey as a teacher I know that learning about the postures is actually the easy bit and you can learn your Asanas anywhere. Learning how to be yourself in front of people and take them on a physical, mental and emotional journey through yoga is a skill that I believe I can help you to learn. To develop the courage to make what you love into your job. To develop a deep and confident sense of yourself,  your relationships and your life.

This course will be held at Flow Yoga Centre in Clonakilty during weekends, one weekend a month. Dates are listed in the course syllabus  and are mostly on the second weekend of each month.

Jessica Hatchett will lead this training, with support from guest teachers on specific modules.

A full syllabus is available as a PDF below.  Applications form is also available below as an online form.

To deeply engage and explore your relationship with yoga. An exciting, challenging and life changing journey home to yourself and into your work as a yoga teacher.

We will cover a range of styles:

Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Tantra and Somatics.

There will also be training in:

Pranayama, breathing work, meditation, Energy systems, and yoga philosophy.

Practical training in Anatomy and physiology.

Training in how Yoga can support mental and emotional health.

Applicants need to have been practicing yoga regularly for at least two years.

Total cost €3200

For me the most important aspects to teaching yoga are to create an atmosphere of ease and awareness. To encourage curiosity and to offer a safe and supportive space that provides students the opportunity to let go.
So my teacher training will at its heart be focused on helping my trainees develop the skills necessary to hold this type of space.
This requires a personal journey, because holding a safe, supportive and compassionate space for others means learning to do this for yourself. This journey and the skills learnt will benefit anyone on just a personal level, even if they decide to never teach a class. But if you do go on to teach, this training will give you what you need holistically to hold a class, mentally, physically and emotionally.
— Jessica Hatchett

Outline of course Modules:

September Module 1 'Intentions & Awareness'

October Module 2 'Ground & Support'

November Module 3 'Breath & Prana'

December Module 4 'Safety & Self Care'

January Module 5 'Boundaries & Relationships'

February Module 6 'Voice & Bahakti’

March Module 7 'Creating & Holding space’

April&May Module 8 & 9 ‘Anatomy & Body maps’

June Module 10 ‘Integration & Absorption’

July Module 11 ‘ Teaching skills & your yoga Business

Applicant requirements:

Applicants will need to have had a consistent and regular yoga practicing for at least two years before beginning the course.  Please read training terms and conditions.

Application form below: