Workshops in Nov and Dec 2018:

'Self care and home practice workshop’ Sat 3rd November 2018

‘Learn to meditate course’ Begins Sat 1st December 2018

Saturday 3rd November. Self Care Day…

If we can regularly take care of our inner world, the world we feel when we close our eyes. Then we naturally feel calmer, more confident and less stressed. The outer world with all its various problems and issues can just keep on turning and we like the eye of the storm can breath and take it all as it comes.

Well thats the idea anyway! Learning to know the difference between what we can control and what we cant is key...

This Day is focused on practices that deeply restore and support you, giving you strength, confidence and clarity.

We will also look at ways to brings these practices off the mat and into your daily life. Plus explorations and ways of bringing more yoga into your home and daily life, to support your long term health and wellbeing


“Stress is trying to fix the problems around us because of something we feel inside us”.

Saturday 3rd November 2018

10am till 5pm €75 pre-book. Text 0877852491

Flow Yoga Centre, Hartes Courtyard, Clonakilty, Co Cork.

On this restoring Saturday we will go deeply and slowly through a range of supportive and grounding practices to balance and bring us back to the ground and home of our bodies.

We will spend lots of time working with 'Slow Flows' which are Vinyasa's (moving on the breath) practices that take you steadily through a balanced and supportive combination of Asanas while focusing on the breath.

Moving slowly with breath focus, deeply settles and restores our ever frantic nervous system. Slow Flows also build stamina and strength in a manageable and calm way. These calming sequences will bring you back home to yourself, so you feel centred grounded and calm. 

In the afternoon we will spend some time exploring what Self care really mean, and why we get so blocked and guilty when we take care of ourselves. We will do some Enquiry while practicing restorative stretches, which is a great way of going deep into the hidden parts of your mind to uncover your truth and create deeper understanding of your life and issues right now.

Text Jess on 0877852491 to book your place.

‘Learn to meditate’ A workshop and introductory course in meditation.

Meditation study day on Saturday 1st December.

With a six week follow up Course of guided meditations.


Learning to meditate takes much longer than one day...So I have designed this course as a one day training with course work through guided meditations to offer you the steps, instruction and support to establish a daily meditation practice at home. So you can learn the foundations and get to know the meditations with me and in a group, so you have the confidence to meditate by yourself.

I’m offering this course at the beginning of December so you can do the course work over christmas and new year and go into next year with an established meditation practice that will support your whole life.

Having a regular meditation practice will support your life in many deep and transformative ways. Research continues to show that meditation is essential for our mental and physical health. Its a practice that will improve your life in quality and longevity.

Meditation is and can be very enjoyable and even addictive. Once you have an established practice you will never look back.

But…Learning to meditate is difficult, challenging, sometimes painful and very confronting. It requires really good instruction, support and lots of practice.

So I have designed this Day course to be offered with video and audio recordings of six meditations that are to be practiced in succession. Each practice builds on the meditators previous experience and abilities. So you can learn the important foundational principals of meditation and develop a deep and rich practice that will allow you to meditate for 30 to 40 mins a day uninterrupted and really enjoy it!

These recordings are designed to be practiced once a day and will be available online and to download so you can listen to them when ever you want and fit your practice into your daily life.

On the Saturday’s workshop we will spend much of the day learning each of the six meditations. With plenty of time for discussion, questions and enquiry into what will be your shared but unique experience.

All the meditations taught are ‘somatic’ meaning they are meditations that connect you with your body. Over half of these practices/meditations are taught lying down, so you don’t need to be flexible and comfortable sitting up for hours.

Yoga experience is a requirement for this course. Because yoga is the most effective foundation for Meditation to grow from. You do not need to be flexible and able to stand on your head, but you will need to have had recent experience in connecting with your body and breath.

Cost: €100 for Study day and 6 weeks of meditation course videos.

In Flow Yoga Centre, Clonakilty.

Text Jess 0877852491 to book your place.


Feedback from a previous workshop:     "I thoroughly enjoyed the Day! Every aspect of it was interesting & challenging but so rewarding all at the same time. You really opened my eyes to the asana's through the adduction exercise as I've always concentrated on getting the look of the posture right rather than the feel. I also found the blind-fold exercise a revelation as I could feel my alignment was better once I stopped looking outwards. I have to say that if it was at all possible for me to get to your regular classes I would be a regular student".  Tina Horgan.