Yoga day: 'Putting yourself first'

A workshop focusing on Self care and developing a home yoga practice.

How to create and maintain habits and practices that support your mental and physical health for the long term.


Saturday 24th March 2018

10am till 5pm €70 pre-book.

Prioritising and looking after ourselves is vital in maintaining good relationships, and is essential to our overall health.  

Simple, short, regular  and consistent 'body focused' practices will build a foundation of support in your life that will enable you to manage the hard times and enjoy the good times.

More details and information below...


Yoga is a system of practices and tools that connect us with our body and breath. These tools work best and are most effective when practiced regularly. Connecting with your breath and body once a day can literally change everything!

A short simple home yoga practice will offer you profound and long term help if you...

...Struggle with stress related mental and physical issues.

...Have physical complaints that you can't get the right help with or just don't seem to go away.

...Are experiencing emotional problems in your relationships, with family, friends and at work.

...Feel unresolved, unsatisfied, incomplete or disconnected.  

The reason a home yoga practice is such an amazing cure all, is because it regularly and consistently connects you with yourself. Connecting with yourself on a daily basis, even just for a few minutes, will enable you to unpick, unpack and reorganise your life to be the way you really want it to be. Through age old yoga practices that connect you with your inner compass, your inner teacher and the wisdom of your body.

Learning these practices and developing a short home yoga sequence is not hard...Its maintaining and keeping your practice going long term thats the hard part.

So on this yoga day we will firstly explore a range of supportive, grounding and energising yoga practices. Then we will spend time having a good look and exploration around why these practices, although enjoyable and easy are so hard to commit to.

This day will include a range of yoga sequences and postures that will be taught through handouts that you can work from at home.

We will also work with breathing practices to manage stress and anxiety. Relaxations, meditations and restoratives to deeply nourish and ground you. Plus some energising and creative flows to boost your system ready for summer.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities and levels of experience.


10am to 5pm on Saturday 24th March 2018

At Flow Yoga Centre, Clonakilty, Cork.

€70 pre-book. Bookings: Text 0877852491.



Feedback from a previous workshop:     "I thoroughly enjoyed the Day! Every aspect of it was interesting & challenging but so rewarding all at the same time. You really opened my eyes to the asana's through the adduction exercise as I've always concentrated on getting the look of the posture right rather than the feel. I also found the blind-fold exercise a revelation as I could feel my alignment was better once I stopped looking outwards. I have to say that if it was at all possible for me to get to your regular classes I would be a regular student".  Tina Horgan.