'Where does my energy go?'

Sunday 19th November 2017

10am till 5pm 

A day of Renewal and relaxation, support and grounding.

With the aim of learning simple and practical ways to build, balance and maintain your energy.

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Do you find your Energy levels are a bit all over the place?

Maybe you're constantly tired no matter how much sleep you get.

Maybe you swing between being bouncy and energised then 'Boom' you feel like you've been hit by a truck and can't move for exhaustion?

Or do you just feel that you would like to understand where your energy comes from and how to maintain its flow and balance?

On this Yoga workshop we will be diving into the wonderful world of  'Prana'. Your essential life force, the sparkle in your skin the twinkle in your eyes, the pulse of your energy and the glow of your health.

Increasing, balancing and unblocking the flow of Prana is the heart of our yoga practice. There are many wonderfully enjoyable ways to do this. From breathing practices, to physical asanas/postures and movement flows, to quiet contemplative meditations and deep restoring relaxations.

My aim on this day is to help you to unlock your energetic potential and explore the ways that you might be unknowingly losing and blocking your own energy. We will do this physically, mentally and emotionally. With practical tools, yoga practice, talk, enquiry and lots of restorative relaxation.

This is a perfect way to begin your winter and positively aim towards the often depleting and draining time that is Christmas. So that you can begin your year feeling like you know yourself, your limits and your potential much better.

10am to 5pm on Sunday 19th November

At Flow Yoga Centre, Clonakilty, Cork.

€70 with a €20 deposit. Bookings: Text 0877852491.



'Developing a Home Yoga Practice'

Saturday 18th November 2017

Flow Yoga Centre  10am till 5pm


You Love Yoga but why do you find it so hard to practice at home?

You have a bit of time, space and a Yoga Mat but you don't know what to do next?

Spend a day Enjoying Yoga and explore ways to bring more of it into your life.

More information and details below...


A regular home yoga practice, even if its just 15 mins a day is transformative.

There are so many benefits to be gained from bringing yoga into your daily life and the practice you decide to do can be totally varied or always the same. You can do lots or just a little, you can work hard or just rest, you can practice at any point and anywhere.

But...There are just as many varied and complex excuses that will get in the way of you starting and continuing!

In this workshop we will spend the morning going through the different practices you learn and working with handouts you can then follow at home. These will be the physical asana's, posture flows and held positions. There will be breathing practices and mindfulness meditation. We will look at the balance and importance between moment and rest and explore how you can learn to read your bodies needs and learn how to adapt and change your practice as you need to.

The afternoon will be spent enquiring into why its is so very hard to change our 'bad' habits and develop and set good ones. We will do some written enquiry and have a chance to discuss the subject of 'needs' 'boundaries' and 'habits' as a group. (the written work is just for your use, the talking bit is only if you feel like it!) I feel very strongly that you need to have a really good understand of the hurdles that you will stumble on when setting out on a home yoga practice, which we all face but its not generally talked about. Once you understand the challenges you will be much more likely to succeed.

 The afternoon will also include a bit more movement and lots of restorative yoga and some meditation.

Cost is €70 and I take a €20 deposit. These days tend to book out, so text me on 0877852491 to reserve your place.


Feedback from a previous workshop:     "I thoroughly enjoyed the Day! Every aspect of it was interesting & challenging but so rewarding all at the same time. You really opened my eyes to the asana's through the adduction exercise as I've always concentrated on getting the look of the posture right rather than the feel. I also found the blind-fold exercise a revelation as I could feel my alignment was better once I stopped looking outwards. I have to say that if it was at all possible for me to get to your regular classes I would be a regular student".  Tina Horgan.