Saturday 23rd November - Yoga Day

Self care and stress managment.


Yoga Knowledge, Support and tools for a balanced and calm life.

Give yourself the gift of managing your stress levels this Christmas!

Would you like to learn how to deal with stress and life's challenges better?

By understanding your nervous system and the triggers that cause you stress. You can adapt practical yoga excercises to suit your needs, which will support yourself and the lives of those around you.

This day will be deeply relaxing supportive, energising and informative. Working with dynamic and restorative asanas and flows. Breath work, meditation, emotional enquiry and stillness.

Setting you up for Christmas and support you going into the new year.

Our nervous system controls and supports our physical and mental health. Understanding and managing your nervous system is the root and key to looking after all the aspects and parts of your life.

Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease according to the World health organisation.

If you often feel over whelmed and exausted, your nervous system could be running in its ‘Red light’ setting. You could be so used to stress in your life that you have become accustomed to and are living with an over loaded nervous response.

So in this one day workshop Jess will take you on a deep dive into the development, workings and life of this fascinating and immensely important manager of our lives. So you can understand better what causes your stress, how yoga can help you manage these triggers and develop self care practices to live more honestly, slowly and calmly.

This day will centre, calm and re-set you, so you feel the benefits for weeks afterwards. It will be a brilliant antidote to the stress running up to and through Christmas.

Through asana, breath work and emotional enquiry we will learn to recognise the patterns and unconscious behaviours that our nervous system controls. So we can more easily move into a balanced and contented life.

There will be a mixture of gentle and more assessable challenging yoga practices. Including Pranayama breath work. Asana’s, physical positions and posture flows. Restorative and meditation practices and lecture and enquiry into the deepest workings of our mental and physical health.

On Saturday 23rd November 2019 10am till 5pm

At Flow Yoga Centre, No1 Hartes Courtyard, Clonakilty.

Cost €80 pre-paid. For online booking and payment go to bookings page, link below:

For more information call Jess on 0879023421.