Start at the ground ... Let go and settle into stillness. Move your awareness inside ... Come home to yourself ... From this restful place we begin to move, slowly, gently, building and increasing ... Always breathing and noticing ... surprising yourself in what your body can do ... How good it can feel, to reconnect and refine your awareness, your strength, your confidence. Because after all ... no matter what we are doing, how we are moving, what we are thinking ... it's all about awareness and making a connection with ourselves. I'm here to guide you there ....

August 2017 Timetable

I am on Holidays, so Kate Finn will be teaching all the classes below, which will be mixed level, suitable for all, and all are drop in.

I'll be back on August 28th to start the autumn term, for which I'm now taking deposits for places in the evening classes.


(No class on August bank holiday)


 9:30 - 11am drop in mixed level  


8.15 - 9.45pm drop in mixed level

Which Class suits?

Creative Flow...

Is an energising mix of flowing vinyasa sequences, strengthening core work and standing sequences, with a balance of some quieter yin and restorative postures, breath work and relaxation.

This is a popular mid-level class that suits most people, but you need to have a bit of yoga experience to feel comfortable and enjoy it.



10.30 - 12noon drop in mixed level



Slow Flow...

Is a comfortably challenging class with slow-paced posture flows, strengthening core work and long held yin poses to improve flexibility. With lots of restoratives and relaxation each week.

This class is aimed at beginners, as the pace is slower and we regularly go over the basics. 



9.15 - 10.45am  drop in mixed level 


6.30 - 8pm drop in mixed level       

8.15 - 9.45pm drop in mixed level 

Gentle Flow...

A relaxing, restorative class with accessible strengthening core work and posture flows. This class includes lots of  Somatics, – a system of gentle exercises that help to aid natural movement and reduce pain.

This class is suitable for all levels, especially those looking to get back into a practice after injury or illness. Also for people who find it difficult in class to get up and down off the ground repeatedly.

Other teachers weekly classes:

Pilates with Aisling McAuliffe on Tuesdays evenings and Wednesday mornings. Contact Aisling on 0866055078

Tai Chi with Patricia Chalmers on Friday mornings. Contact Patricia on 0879051874


Pricing and Bookings

'Drop in' means that you can just turn up to the class and pay for one class at a time. 'Book in' means you need to reserve your place on a six week course.

Morning classes are drop-in €14 each.

Or you can buy a Class Pass which can be used over a six month period. 10 classes is €120 and 5 classes is €65

Evening classes are book-in and are €75 for a run of 6 weeks. In the summer I offer shorter runs of 3 or 4 weeks.

My evening classes sometimes run a waiting list. But you wont be waiting long to get in. Call 087 7852491.

There are a few things you might want to know before coming to a class...

Its best to not eat just before you practice, giving yourself about an hour between a meal and bending is a good idea.

You don't need yoga clothes, just something comfortable that stretches, without a belt and not too thick and heavy as the room can get quite warm.

You don't need a yoga mat at first, I have lots of spares. Most regulars have their own mats, because its just nice to own your own one!

A lot of people feel nervous when first joining a class, that you will be obviously 'new' and look like you don't know what you are doing. This is not the case! The class is taught in such a way that everyone is so caught up in what they are doing that nobody will be watching you. Plus each week is very different, the classes are always changing, so a lot of things are new to even my most regulars. After the first couple of weeks you will recognise most of the main 'postures' and feel confident even if you don't feel very flexible.

Yoga is not for fit flexible people. Its for everyone...but it will make you more fit and flexible eventually. You just need to give yourself at least 6 classes to start noticing a difference.

The positive changes that you can expect to receive within the first few weeks are:

Improved sleep, concentration, digestion, breathing and mood.  A small improvement in your flexibility (this takes months not weeks).  Feeling stronger and fitter.

I think this morning ‘s class was a perfect example. Mix of ages, abilities, genders , styles but all united by the lovely sound of the river rippling by as we melted into Shavasana - everyone in their own mat sized world. No critism or correcting- everyone’s practise is perfect in your eyes. That sums up yoga for me
— Jane Roberts Summer 2015
Having wanted to try yoga for years I kept putting it off because I found it slightly intimidating. Your classes, however, are so inclusive that I feel anyone of any level would be able to try it. Your ability to explain the poses so that they are easily understood is astounding. I absolutely love your classes. I genuinely believe that since I’ve started yoga my awareness and mindfulness have increased hugely. Without exaggerating, your classes are changing my life ...
— Louise O'Neil 2014